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Welcome to the documentation

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Geekdoc is a simple Hugo theme for documentations. It is intentionally designed as a fast and lean theme and may not fit the requirements of complex projects. If a more feature-complete theme is required there are a lot of got alternatives out there.

Getting Started

Feature overview

Clean and simple design

Stay focused on exploring the content and don’t get overwhelmed by a complex design.

Light and mobile-friendly

The theme is powered by less than 1 MB and looks impressive on mobile devices as well as on a regular Desktop.

Easy customization

The look and feel can be easily customized by CSS custom properties (variables), features can be adjusted by Hugo parameters.

Zero initial configuration

Getting started in minutes. The theme is shipped with a default configuration and works out of the box.

Handy shortcodes

We included some (hopefully) useful custom shortcodes so you don’t have to and can focus on writing amazing docs.

Dark mode

Powerful dark mode that detects your system preferences or can be controlled by a toggle switch.