Getting Started

This page tells you how to get started with the Geekdoc theme, including installation and basic configuration.

Install requirements

You need a recent version of Hugo for local builds and previews of sites that use Geekdoc. As we are using gulp as pre-processor the normal version of Hugo is sufficient. If you prefer the extended version of Hugo anyway this will work as well. For comprehensive Hugo documentation, see .

If you want to use the theme from a cloned branch instead of a release tarball you’ll need to install gulp locally and run the default pipeline once to create all required assets.

# install required packages from package.json
npm install

# run gulp pipeline to build required assets
npx gulp default

Using the theme

To prepare your new site environment just a few steps are required:

  1. Create a new empty Hugo site.

    hugo new site demosite
  2. Switch to the root of the new site.

    cd demosite
  3. Install the Geekdoc theme from a release bundle (recommended) or from Git branch .

  4. Create the minimal required Hugo configuration config.toml. For all configuration options see here .

    baseURL = "http://localhost"
    title = "Geekdocs"
    theme = "hugo-geekdoc"
    pluralizeListTitles = false
    # Geekdoc required configuration
    pygmentsUseClasses = true
    pygmentsCodeFences = true
    disablePathToLower = true
    # Needed for mermaid shortcodes
        # Needed for mermaid shortcode
        unsafe = true
        startLevel = 1
        endLevel = 9
  5. Test your site.

    hugo server -D

Option 1: Download pre-build release bundle

Download and extract the latest release bundle into the theme directory.

mkdir -p themes/hugo-geekdoc/
curl -L | tar -xz -C themes/hugo-geekdoc/ --strip-components=1

Option 2: Clone the GitHub repository

Keep in mind this method is not recommended and needs some extra steps to get it working. If you want to use the Theme as submodule keep in mind that your build process need to run the described steps as well.

Clone the Geekdoc git repository.

git clone themes/geekdoc

Build required theme assets e.g. CSS files and SVG sprites with gulp.

npx gulp default