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The theme supports two different kinds of menus. File-tree menu is the default one and does not require further configuration to work. If you want full control about your menu the bundle menu is a powerful option to accomplish it.

File-tree menu

As the name already suggests, the file tree menu builds a menu from the file system structure of the content folder. By default, areas and subareas are sorted alphabetically by the title of the pages. To manipulate the order the weight parameter in a page front matter can be used. To structure your content folder you have to use page bundles, single files are not supported. Hugo will render build single files in the content folder just fine but it will not be added to the menu.


File system structure:

├── level-1
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └── level-1-3
│       ├──
│       └──
└── level-2

Bundle menu

This type of navigation needs to be enabled first by setting geekdocMenuBundle to true in your site configuration. After you have activated the bundle menu, you start with an empty navigation. This is intentional because bundle menus have to be defined manually in a data file. While this increases the effort it also offers maximum flexibility in the design. The data file needs to be written in YAML and placed at data/menu/main.yaml.


  - name: Level 1
    ref: "/level-1"
    icon: "gdoc_notification"
      - name: Level 1.1
        ref: "/level-1/level-1-1"
      - name: Level 1.2
        ref: "/level-1/level-1-2"
      - name: Level 1.3
        ref: "/level-1/level-1-3"
          - name: Level 1.3.1
            ref: "/level-1/level-1-3/level-1-3-1"
  - name: Level 2
    ref: "/level-2"
      - name: Level 2.1
        ref: "/level-2/level-2-1"
      - name: Level 2.2
        ref: "/level-2/level-2-2"
      - name: Level 2.2 Anchor
        ref: /level-2/level-2-2
        # Anchor to add to the entry. This example will result in `/level-2/level-2-2/#anchor`
        anchor: anchor

As an advantage you can add icons to your menu entries e.g. icon: "gdoc_notification".

More menu

The more menu is special type of the bundle menu and can be combined with the default file-tree menu.

As this is a special type of the bundle menu it is basically working in the same way. To enable it just add a data file to data/menu/more.yaml. The more menu will also work with the file-tree menu and therefor don’t need to be enabled by the geekdocMenuBundle parameter.


  - name: News
    ref: "/#"
    icon: "gdoc_notification"
  - name: Releases
    ref: ""
    external: true
    icon: "gdoc_download"
  - name: "View Source"
    ref: ""
    external: true
    icon: "gdoc_github"

Extra Header Menu

If you want to customize the header menu, this can be achieved by using a data file written in YAML and placed at data/menu/extra.yaml.


  - name: GitHub
    icon: gdoc_github
    external: true